Enhancing flame retardant performance in Vinyl Coated Fabric with CIERRA™ - FR
13 Apr 2020


The coated fabric used in construction, transportation, and military


CAN/ULC-S109-03, NFPA 701, and EU-EN 13501-1 are examples of standard methods of flame propagation for textiles and films. Flame retardant textiles are required for products using in public areas such as schools, hospitals, theaters, and commercial buildings. They are also used in the military, aerospace, automotive, transportation and construction industries which require high performance and high safety standard products quality.



CIERRATM-FR in PVC paste formulation for PVC coated fabric


The chart above shows the comparison of flame performance and mechanical properties between PVC plastisol system with and without CIERRATM - FR. A halogen free flame retardant, CIERRATM - FR , has excellent compatibility with PVC plastisol for vinyl coated fabric. This high effective additive can be used as an alternative flame retardant solution which requires small loading to increase flame retardant properties in any plasticizer system (e.g. DOP, DINP). It also allows up to 90% cost reduction of flame retardant phosphate plasticizer with 2-3% added to the system.

Photo by Macau Photo AgencyMax Hofstetter, Rodrigo AbreuGagan deep on Unsplash



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